The European Alliance for Technology Development (Alliance Tech):

Fosters the emergence of transformative technologies across sustainable geo-innovation zones;

Offers a co-creation framework for investors, entrepreneurs, private and public sector leaders, academia and R&D centers across and beyond the European continent. 

Alliance Tech is a non-profit registered in France.



A new world is emerging before our eyes. We work with innovators, thought-leaders and decision-makers engaged in making this new world better through the use of technology:

  • Impact tech – technologies that serve people, society and the planet in a resilience and sustainability perspective.
  • Digital health – transforming disruptive ideas in health, wellness, and life sciences into new industrial value chains
  • Digital deep tech – solutions that leverage the best of artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet-of-Things and other technologies to redefine our future.


We support the development of sustainable geo-innovation zones by bringing emerging economies to the global market.

Our first programs aim to leverage the exceptional technological potential of the Eastern part of Europe, including the former Soviet Union.

This area – from Belarus, to Russia, to Ukraine, from the Balkans to Central Asia – is home to a number of quality tech projects ready for large-scale growth and global expansion. However, the domestic markets are limited; local and foreign capital is scarce, while local teams need international development support. 

Alliance tech helps Eastern European startups meet the needs of international players. Its next-gen acceleration programs make their development equally beneficial to their country of origin.


Alliance Tech offers global acceleration programs for startups from the Eastern part of Europe.

“East-West Acceleration” leverages France’s compelling advantages in the field of innovation as well as a variety of international networks.

The programs are co-designed with Eastern-European partners to be fully beneficial to the countries of origin.

Key features:
Specially designed for Eastern-European startups
When extending operations to Western countries, startup teams from Eastern Europe often have difficulties to adapt to the local culture and business life, find proper talent, and localize their tech solutions to the local legal and business environment. Unlike most accelerators, East-West Acceleration addresses this specific issue with its dedicated ’International Adaptation’ program.
Leveraging the best of France's acceleration capacities
  • Best possible gateway to the EU market (450 million consumers) with quick and easy connections to all countries of Western Europe
  • Mature startup infrastructure and ecosystem with numerous accelerators, corporations, local governments and other players
  • Massively available venture capital (with nearly $4bn per year, France ranks 2nd in the EU after Germany)
  • Unique research and innovation capacities
  • Abundant HR and business support resources
  • Taxes are higher, but salaries are lower and social benefits are stronger than in the USA
  • France is one of the most generous countries in the world in terms of public support to startups (grants, public co-investing, tax breaks, tax credit to finance R&D…)
  • France is willing to attract international startups and talents, providing them with substantial benefits in terms of visa, work permit facilities, grants, etc.
  • France is geographically, culturally and politically closer to Eastern Europe than the USA, UK, China, or ASEAN countries. On the French startup and VC scene, everyone speaks English and regards Eastern European technologies positively!
Going truly global
East-West Acceleration is about entering the global market and penetrating international industry value chains. While leveraging the best of France’s startup support capacities, East-West Acceleration has a partner network that encompasses a variety of countries across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.
Media acceleration
East-West Acceleration integrates innovators into the global information flows through partnerships with leading global databases, mapping tools and media as well as a unique content marketing, social media and video production know-how.
Co-designed programs
Programs are co-designed, usually on a thematic basis, with partners in Eastern Europe – typically technology parks, universities or local authorities willing to provide their best startups with top-level international development support.
100% remote acceleration

In times of pandemic and travel restrictions, Alliance Tech’s programs are 100% virtualized.

Resilience, Sustainability & Innovation

Resilience and sustainability have risen to top-of-mind of public and private sector leaders amid the COVID-19 crisis and emerging consequences of climate change. The response to these challenges relies in part on technology. 

We have set out to gather corporations, technology entrepreneurs, investors, academics, governments and international institutions to accelerate the development and adoption of disruptive resilience and sustainability innovation.

We support:

  • Multidisciplinary research for innovative, impactful approaches to resilience and sustainable development
  • Acceleration of technology innovation from idea, to practice, to ecosystem formation
  • Adoption of pragmatic solutions by communities and organizations across the world

A consortium under formation aims to catalyze stakeholders’ capacities and channel private and public investment to relevant research and technology projects.

Through thematic working groups, consortium members  share their experience and vision; monitor and document emerging use cases from across the world; design new business models with associated technologies; adopt a unified set of standards, methodologies and instruments.


Alliance Tech believes innovation can best be deployed not from stand-alone tech providers, but as an integrated part of existing or new ecosystems, usually on a vertical basis. Alliance Tech has developed a set of practice-based methodologies, which we call “Integration Programs.”

Practice-based methodologies

These methodologies include, in particular:

  • Identification and prioritization of unmet market needs and emerging market opportunities
  • Identification of emerging value chains, gaps to be filled in them and critical business- or technological elements.
  • Definition of focused criteria for startup selection according to the above.
  • Design of integration programs to enable new verticals or to fill gaps in existing but transforming value chains.
  • Value measures and return-on-adoption.
  • Identification of industrial or public stakeholders interested in such programs and willing to co-sponsor them, allowing these stakeholders to add their own startups or spinoffs to the program.
  • Implementation of integration programs: scout startups and help them integrate into emerging or existing value chains, preparing for investment by the Fund or syndicated investments along with other funds or stakeholders participating in the integration program.

For faster commercialization of research and technologies, Alliance Tech partners with corporations, financial investors, universities and other stakeholders to build strong flows of “on-demand” high-quality startups according to identified prospective value chains.

These flows are generated or supported by in-house or affiliated incubation/acceleration programs, designed to meet stakeholders’ needs.


Dmitry Demidenko

Dmitry Demidenko

Legal & VC


A lawyer and venture capitalist operating in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine France and beyond. First VP at the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce (CCIFR).

Adrien Henni

Adrien Henni

Executive President

Startup entrepreneur (France, 1999-2003), VC program manager (Russia, 2009-2010); advisor to startups and funds; co-founder of East-West Digital News, a news and research agency dedicated to tech innovation in Eastern Europe.
Konstantine Karczmarski

Konstantine Karczmarski

Research & Innovation


International innovation management and investment professional since 1991. Board member in several Russian, French and Italian startups; commercialization advisor at ITMO University in St. Petersburg.

Dr. Alex Kosik

Dr. Alex Kosik


Serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor; full-cycle venture and corporate innovation experience; managing investments and portfolios of life sciences, IT, fintech and medical device sectors totaling over $60m in annual revenues. Based in Washington and Moscow.
Alexander Pankov

Alexander Pankov

Investor Relations

Mentor and jury member for social-impact startups (Social Impact Award Russia contest, Impact Hub Moscow annual acceleration program); Executive Director of NAIMA, a major Russian investor association.
Dr. Ron Ribitzky

Dr. Ron Ribitzky


Innovation thought-leader and expert in technology ecosystem formation, founder of R&D Ribitzky, based in the USA and Israel. With a career stretching from Harvard to IBM Science Center, Intel and Skolkovo among others, Ron is deeply involved in international corporate innovation and startup development.
Natalia Tchourikova

Natalia Tchourikova

Market Intelligence

A life-long startup entrepreneur and evangelist, Natalia Tchourikova has a French, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian background. She is Head of Strategy at East-West Digital News and Head of Market Intelligence at Alliance Tech

Board Of Advisors



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